20160925_173456In August I made the decision that it was time to consider joint replacement. I had reached a point I couldn’t pick up my right knee and my leg hurt constantly. But that was before Qi Gong and Goldenmilk. Now the idea seems ludicrous. I’m walking better, have less and less pain and feel like I’m actually on the path to healing again. Plus on many days my left hip is feeling as bad as the right so it really doesn’t make sense to replace a joint that doesn’t hurt.

I’ve been trying to decide what to do since meeting with Dr. Fox on November 16th, I think I should at least reconsider my decision. Like he says, I responded so well to the stem cell the first time, maybe I should reconsider that route. This surgery means no going back. I’m scheduled for Surgery Monday, December 12th. That’s today…


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