I was born and raised in Alaska after my parents came to explore the state in 1948. My father, an artist, wanted to see and capture the beauty of the state in his oil paintings. Mom,  just 20-years-old at the time, agreed to the big adventure. They drove north in November in a Morris Minor (tiny car.) It still amazes and baffles me to consider the challenges they faced. There are many stories to share.

Once they arrived they staked a homestead near Kenny Lake, Alaska and decided to settle down and stay. At the time the state was still a territory and there wasn’t much here in the way of infrastructure. The road between Copper Center (on the Richardson Highway near Kenny Lake) and Anchorage was long, brutal and treacherous.

Dad and Mom decided to move to Anchorage after their cabin burned down from a chimney fire in their woodstove. My oldest sister was a baby at the time. Four of my five siblings (including me) were born in Anchorage. We continued to visit the family homestead until 1960 when Dad decided to donate the property back to the state for the Kenny Lake Elementary school.

I currently live in Wasilla, Alaska and enjoy biking, hiking, skiing (alpine and nordic,) boating, paddle boarding, berry picking and generally exploring this beautiful place I call home. I have served as the Executive Director for the North America Outdoor Institute and the Alaska Avalanche Information Center and received my certification in Non-Profit management in 2010 from the University of Fairbanks through the Foraker Group.

I enjoy writing and helping non-profits navigate the challenges of running a not-for-profit organization.

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