regenexxAfter traveling to Tennessee to play with my grandchildren and doing so well I’ve realized that it really does make better sense to talk with Dr. Cohen at Healthlink Medical Clinic before I take the drastic step of replacing my hip. I called and now know that this is the route I want to try first. I’m scheduled for another stem cell treatment on both hips January 16th. I feel relieved and now preparing and planning for that route instead.

Dr. Cohen said he believes that I could benefit as much as 25-30% on the left and much more than that on the right as long as I follow the strict preparation regiment and follow up. That means following this list.

10 things I can do to ensure I have a good outcome from this course of treatment.

  1. Eliminate all sugar from my diet. This has been a goal for a long time but now I’m determined that I will do this with a vengeance for the next month.
  2. Reduce caloric intake. Under eat to stimulate stem cell growth.
  3. Reduce triglycerides. This means eating more oatmeal, vitamin B3 and leafy greens.
  4. Lift Weights and increase aerobic activity. Exercise hard and often!
  5. Take a quality multi-vitamin from whole foods. And drink LOTS of water to stay hydrated.
  6. Revesitrol. Either a supplement or a glass of red wine everyday.
  7. Take a high altitude vacation. Ah. Now this sounds good. I’ll go to Colorado and swim in the hotsprings and ride my bicycle. Maybe even go skiing as good as my legs have been feeling. I’ll just have to stick to the greens and blues. I think the fresh air and sunshine will be wonderful for sure.
  8. Avoid antibiotics. Easy. I don’t take those and I intend to keep healthy as best as possible so there is no reason to take them.
  9. Stop taking prescription drugs 1-2 weeks before. That means going off Lisinipril which I take for blood pressure. Apparently this is a beta blocker and will reduce the benefit of the stem cell. As long as I lower my triglycerides and work out I should be able to manage this for several weeks.
  10. And finally – get fit and keep active after I have my stem cell treatments just as quickly as possible.

Link to the 10 things for better stem cells

So now I have a plan and just need to proceed forward and pray for a great outcome. Onward ho!

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