Qi Healing

Qi Healing

Last week I discovered the power of Qi Healing. After making a trip to visit my grandchildren, I returned home in more pain and crippled than at any point on this journey.

I have been told, I will know when it’s time to replace my hip because I’ll be ready to cut off my leg from the pain. I reached that point in early August. I couldn’t even bend over and pick up my socks. I decided to make another trip to visit my acupuncture specialist to see if they could help. They did. It wasn’t really dramatic, but it did make it so I was at least able to function again and felt a lot of relief. They suggested I visit Seven Sages Healing and try a Qi healing and bodywork treatment. And so I did.

The treatment lasted about an hour and involved two QiGong masters working on me simultaneously. I’m blown away by the vast improvement that resulted right away. It has been a week and I’m still improving. I will be sure and keep you posted on the progress from this old Chinese Medicine practice that has me smiling and feeling optimistic again.

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