New Challenges

New Challenges

It’s been much too long since I have posted. Life has been busy with grant writing, training and gardening. But all of those things are just excuses. I could have still squeezed in a little time to write. But to write about what? How much pain I have been suffering lately.

Despite my initial progress, lately both of my hips have been tight and sore and so painful I finally went to seek help from my doctors. My chiropractor, my massage therapist, my family doctor and finally an Internist. I asked the internist if I should see a rheumatologist but after some blood tests, the doctor said I have just worn my joints out.

My left hip from the stem cell is definitely better but is being over worked and stressed because of my failing right hip. It’s frustrating and frightening.

Lately it’s been like walking on fragile glass and I fear I’ll have to make a major decision as to what to do if I want to be walking in 20 years. I try taking a day off from working out but it doesn’t help. In fact in many ways I hurt more. At least when I get up and try, I get to going and have some time that is relatively pain free. I finally broke down and decided to take the medicine the doctor prescribed in hopes it would break this cycle of inflation. Celebrex has so many horrifying side effects I was terrified. But also feeling desperate. After three days I felt better but by the 5th day the pain all came back. After 10 days the pills were gone and the pain was worse than ever.

I’m still doing Yoga as much as I can push through it. I went for another massage on Thursday and took Friday off. I took two advil despite knowing how bad they are but I was finally able to get some sleep and feel a bit better today. I’m going to try a bike ride today and try to not do too much.

My ray of hope is that I just discovered there is a pain clinic in Wasilla doing the stem cell treatment like I had on my left leg. I’m praying I can get a booster on the left and have the right hip treated. If I can do that right here in Wasilla, I may be able to finally get past this challenging time.

20150617_210638I  think my big salvation is my garden. It’s keeping me moving and I have lots of fresh greens that all I have to do is go outside to the greenhouse or garden to pick.

I know I will get past this. I just have to push forward and know that this too will pass.

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