Dislocated knee

Dislocated knee

2012-07-05_19-11-52_531It was Memorial Day 2011, after a long busy day working in the yard, when I crawled into bed looking forward to a good nights sleep. Instead, I rolled over in bed and reached to turn off the light when my knee suddenly dislocated and intense pain roared through my body. I screamed out in agony but I was alone and could only force myself to relax and realign my leg until it popped back into place.

Sweat rolled off of me and I was terrified to try and get up but I knew I should ice it. Hopping on my left leg, (which had been injured the year before when I fell skiing),  I made it to the freezer for ice and back to bed.

The next day, I tried to walk but the leg would not support any weight. A few days later, when I realized my knee wasn’t getting better, I went to my first orthopedic specialist. She ordered an MRI and a few days later, told me I needed my knee replaced. “The knee has severe arthritis and their is no cartilage left. There is nothing we can do to help you.”

All I could think was, what? Until this happened it was my left hip that hurt all the time. What could be wrong with my hip if my knee was this bad?

For the next four months I got around on crutches and tried to figure out what I was going to do. No insurance. No money. No way could I afford, or did I want to, undergo joint replacement surgery. There had to be another solution.

Fortunate for me, I had a dream that convinced me their was another way!

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