June 13, 2017 – Five months

June 13, 2017 – Five months

Allen McGhan

Today is my son’s birthday. He is 40. Forty! It seems so amazing. Looking at everything that has happened since this tiny baby was placed in my arms makes me feel blessed. I’ve truly lived a full life. Like most people, it hasn’t been all good but there has been so much good that the journey has been worth every challenge.  I also accept I’m closing in on the winter of my life. There is snow on my mountains… unless I hide it with John Freida, otherwise I continue to embrace each and every day because I know it will suddenly be all over. The final curtain.

Until that time comes, I’m going to do everything I can to make sure I’m still here for my son’s 63rd birthday.

My stem cells are continuing to grow and heal… I think. Ugh. The past two weeks have been testing my body to the limits. I’ve been picking up my 30 lb.  grandson dozens of times a day, going up and down huge flights of stairs more than I pick up Xander, in and out of the house, the car, up and down… Yeah, I’m feeling it. The fact I can and am doing all of this is a win. And right at this moment, I’ m sitting at my desk and only feel a tightness in my back. Thanks to my son I have access to a massage chair that really helps so I’ll head there when I finish with my morning office chores.

I continue to feel compelled to share my journey because I know there are so many people out there who are suffering from joint injuries and chronic pain because our bodies have been beaten up and are just flat wearing out. They ask about the stem cell treatments often.

I believe the stem cells are helping to slow the degeneration process. Do I think it’s a perfect solution or an easy one? No.

There are times when I’m hurting so much I want to cry. I’ve been able to push through it, flush with water, fast, stretch… and then I start feeling like I’m still on the road to healing. The pain seems to vanish and I feel relaxed and like a normal person again.

20170531_085903But then my grand children climbed on me and my back started hurting. Now I feel like I have a disk out in my low to mid back. Ugh.  Once I get home to Alaska I’m going to see my awesome therapist, Bobbie Mumm at Alaska Integrative Wellness. I’m confident her healing hands will help relieve all the kinks and knots.

Taking my grandson to Gymnastics this week about killed me. I wanted to run and play and spot him through all the fun obstacles the teacher had set up but instead I was limping around and grimacing in pain when I would try to get down, stretch, get up… Ugh. That was hard to take and makes me ready to consider more drastic options. I’m tired of so much pain.

For now I’m going to continue on and see if I get back on track once I return home from Grandma duty. Until then I’ll continued drinking goldenmilk, doing yoga and taking advantage of therapy. Plus playing with and enjoying my awesome grandchildren.



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