Hip Replacement Surgery

Hip Replacement Surgery

After more than 10 years of trying every alternative under the sun, I finally made the decision to have my hips replaced. I found an amazing surgeon right here in my home town of Wasilla with Orthopedic Physicians Alaska (OPA) and Dr. Tucker Drury.  My first hip was replaced in October of 2020 and the outcome far exceeded my hopes and expectations. After just six weeks of physical therapy and three months of exercise and effort, I fully recovered.

Now, one year later, I have no pain on my left side and I’m able to walk and function at 90% of my old life, pretty amazing considering the hip joint had completely collapsed and left me crippled.

Then in June of 2021 I had my second (right) hip replaced. Because of all the physical therapy, planning and preparation, I am pleased to report that my second hip had an even better outcome and I am now back to a pain free life (well okay, not 100% pain free but that’s to be expected with enough birthdays) but no more chronic, non-stop pain which has drastically improved the quality of life.

If I were to give someone any advise about hip injuries, I would advise you to seek medical treatment as soon as possible. Had I gotten stem cell therapy when I was first injured, I might have been able to avoid a total hip replacement. Otherwise, don’t wait until you are really crippled. It takes more time and effort to recover the longer you wait. Check out your surgeon well in advance by checking with other medical professionals in your area that work with the surgeon, as well as patient reviews. Good luck on your journey!

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