Check your supplements

Check your supplements

It’s been awhile since I’ve added a post and I apologize if you’ve been wondering what’s happening. Life has been busy and full and I have been doing incredibly well. I no longer have any chronic pain and I continue to grow stronger and healthier every day. That’s not to say I have no pain and I am as strong and healthy as I was before I started on the journey to stem cell. But I can say that the chronic ache in my hips is gone. I can sleep again. Move, sit and walk all without any major restricting pain. I still have to watch carefully how I do things because there are times when I step or twist with any jerking, quick movements, I feel pain. However now it’s usually sharp but brief.

My biggest new discovery is that not all Glucosamine is created equal. The cheap stuff you buy at Costco or Walmart are typically Glucosamine HCI which is a chemical version. I found it caused serious constipation and really didn’t help my joints at all. I switched to a brand from Research Verified that is the natural Glucosamine Sulfate form and I’m finding all of my joint pains have diminished substantially.

Check your supplements. I now select the natural forms over the chemically created versions which can be dangerous and are not nearly as effective. Here’s to checking your facts and taking time to research!

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