An unexpected discovery

An unexpected discovery

On Tuesday, August 4th, 2015  I received an unexpected phone call from Dr. Peterson at the Algone Pain Center. He asked me to do him a favor and research a product and treatment known as Bio D Restore. What I discovered has led me on an unexpected and exciting journey.

The use of stem cells treatment and stem cell therapy, and more specifically, FPT Therapy (Flowable Placental Tissue), is an exciting new science that provides some very promising treatment options for a variety of conditions.

Stem cells have the amazing ability to develop into various different cell types, such as a muscle cell, blood cell., cartilage..  Adult stem cells can differentiate or divide into the specific cells they want to specialize in.Biodrestore

The majority of stem cell therapies utilize adult stem cells that can be extracted from your own adipose fat tissues or bone marrow. This is called adult stem cell therapy. There are inherent downsides and risks with both of these procedures. Age is a factor because of natural cell aging, lifestyle, and eating habits, as well as exposure to toxins in our environment. Therefore as we get older, these stem cells tend to be less viable. There are also surgical risks associated with adult stem cell treatments, which involves extracting the stem cells from bone marrow.

In comes Bio D Restore. These are age zero stem cells harvested from amniotic fluid.

According to Bio D Restore, these new cells are very young and they have not been exposed to environmental toxins or affected by aging, therefore they work much more effectively. They also possess a natural scaffolding (extracellular matrix) that can assist in the regenerative process and have also been found to be a rich source of proteins, carbohydrates, hyaluronic acids, and essential growth factors.

BioD is one of the leading authorities in utilizing stem cells to unlock the regenerative potential of the human body. Their innovative procedures take advantage of the unique biologic properties of placental tissues to enhance clinical outcomes. They are committed to developing safe and effective solutions utilizing key points such as:

  • Infectious disease screening requirements that meet or exceed all FDA requirements
  • Accredited by the American Association of Tissue Banks (AATB)
  • Products that meet the criteria of FDA, 21 CFR 1271, Section 361 of the Public Health Service Act
  • Protocols and procedures have been developed to meet or exceed all applicable industry standards
  • Over 25 patents applications filed for their products or proprietary processing techniques
  • All potential donors are pre-screened during an examination of pre-natal medical records and test results.

So after reading and researching all I could find, I made the decision to try this new treatment. The big advantages I see include:

  1. The cost – This treatment is $1,500 vs. $6,000 for the treatment I had done on my left hip.
  2. The pain – No need to pound into my iliac crest and harvest the stem cells.
  3. The time involved. Instead of three or four days for the first stem cell, procedure I had done, this takes a few minutes.
  4. The recovery – I am not required to stay off of the leg, only restrict all activity for two weeks. Then slowly begin to resume low-impact activities like cycling and swimming over the next 10 weeks. Full recovery is expected in 3 to 18 months.

Enough reasons for me to decide it’s worth a try. So on Wednesday, August 5th, I went in for the procedure. I have noticed some difference but I’m sure it’s too early to expect much. I have had no negative reaction to this procedure so at this point, I’m very pleased with my decision and looking forward to a bright, pain free life. I’ll be sure and keep you posted!

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