The success of this journey is a result of my good fortune to find great medical care. I have a naturopath that helped me get started on this journey and you can learn more about him at Ellenburg Natural Medicine

Dr. Ellenburg treated my knees, which were also in bad shape, with prolozone therapy which was extremely successful. It reduced the inflammation and got the joint regenerating so I am now able to walk without knee pain. When the prolozone injection didn’t work on my left him, Dr. Ellenburg recommended stem cell treatment.

I went to see Dr. Cohen at Healthlink Medical Centers in Oceanside, CA on December 16, 2013 and received a stem cell treatment that week. Following the treatment, I was on crutches for about 14 days and then slowly began to extend my walks, biking, swimming and other activities until I was able to start Crossfit in April.  I also do Yoga and Egoscue Stretching every day.  You will read my full journey in this blog.

In addition I have two great massage therapists who understand my condition and work with me to help keep my pain to a minimum and my body supple like warm clay. Not all massage therapists are created equal. It took a long time to find these people and a lot of ho hum massages from others until I did find them. My advice, do your homework and don’t give up.

My therapists are busy people so I don’t want to share their information but if you’re in Alaska you can inquire at First Choice Physical Therapy or if you are in Phoenix, AZ try contacting Lifecare Chiropractic.

Finally, don’t over due it. That has been my greatest challenge. I found a Rolfer who helped break the cycle I got caught in from overdoing it but be careful. Again, not all rolfer’s are created equal and I’ve heard horror stories of people getting hurt. Just make sure you do your homework and speak up if they do anything that is painful.

Finally, I tried acupuncture to also help with opening up channels in the body and reducing inflammation. I’m still very new to this procedure but see promise for long-term health. But as always, do your homework before you test this out on yourself.

Good luck!

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